How to Recover AOL Password

AOL is a free web-based email service provider. It provides a freeway communication method on which we exchange our emails daily. Although its features are easy to use, sometimes in our busy and hectic schedule we tend to forget our passwords. Talking about the AOL password reset process, one can say that their account's privacy setup is very user-friendly. All you require is to follow these mentioned steps: 

  • Open your email Id by entering your details such as ‘Username’.
  • Then you’ll encounter the option ‘forget password’.
  • Click on it. After that, you’ll be given two options (the phone number or mail id that you are provided at the time of registration) to reset your password. 
  • They’ll send you a link. Clicking that link will provide you the opportunity to create your new password.
  • Click save to finish the process and remember to note down your password for future use.

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