Why is My Snapchat Locked?

Snapchat is an emerging social media as well as a camera app that has many filters, effects, and features that attracts youngsters a lot. This is evident from the data on how fast Snapchat is getting new users day by day. But with large traffic comes large problems. It was reported that many of these users were not following the guidelines and regulations made by Snapchat and hence Snapchat temporarily locked their accounts. Let us see what are the reasons for which you may get the suspension.

  1. The most common reason found was to utilize some paid features of Snapchat if you have taken the help of any third-party app or plugin illegally. Then there are high chances that your Snapchat account will be locked. And if you want to get your account back, first thing that you should do is to remove these plugins or app

  2. In some cases it is found that some users tried to access the account of others and it seems that in such cases your account was compromised. Hence for just security and safety of your account, you may get suspended from Snapchat as these cases are considered as unethical hacking and are taken very seriously by Snapchat.

  3. If someone tries to bully you on Snapchat or threatens you with any way possible, you can directly report such users to Snapchat. As such unsocial activities are the violation of community guidelines of Snapchat and are taken very seriously and the user may get a temporarily suspension initially and if he repeats the same again, Snapchat may suspend their account permanently.

  4. One of the major reason is that if you enable VPN while using your Snapchat account, your location seems changing very fast from a country to another. Also, if you login into your account from too many devices it also seems suspicious to Snapchat and hence you become vulnerable to get a suspension.

However, you can unlock your Snapchat account and the procedure along with other issues such as Snapshot Not Loading Picture are resolved and provided on our website.

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